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27-28 February 2024 😀 And that is a wrap up on the impact of AI!

Thanks to the Economist Impact and speakers for the utmost instructive discussions on 27 and 27th February 2024 in HK

👉 AI perceived as apocalypse due to the nature, fast pace/speed and scope of implementation

👉 AI is still perceived by most of employees as a threat to job security

👉 While 78% of the attendees thought that AI will change the way they operate, 10% thought it would not be the case and 12% were undecided

I personally think that AI is a revolution but not an apocalypse and that it may benefit as a "co-pilot" to many industries and jobs (although, granted, the term co-pilot may sound limitating, but less threatening).

Yes, AI may lead to some jobs disappearing, but!

- This has been the case in the past with many inventions

- This is a great opportunity to free up some time to focus on other tasks

- This does not take away the accountability of people, especially in the decision-making process!

Check out the Economist impact report on exploring scenarios until 2030 on my Resource page

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