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Our Resources

Explore our Resources page to get useful insights to enhance your daily business in regulatory compliance.

Download essential documents designed to empower your operational knowledge and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of financial regulations.

Cheat Sheets

A little help on various topics

"Opting in" or "Opting out"?

SECO (Switzerland) - Regular updates on sanctions lists (link to SECO)

Cheat Sheets on Sanctions (Europe & Switzerland)

White papers

Everything on Governance, Compliance, regulations & Risk Management

Economist Impact report: The future with AI across industries

FATF Report (October 2023): Crowdfunding for Terrorism Financing (in English)

AMC Advisory White paper Reg audit - Auditors' expectations

AMC Advisory White paper Reg audit - How is AML audited?

Useful links

 Navigate the resources

FATF " Black and grey lists" (link to page)

Guidelines from the Asset Management Association (link to the page)

FINMA useful forms

Switzerland - AML Related laws

Switzerland - Regulatory framework

SECO (Switzerland) - Regular updates on sanctions lists (link to SECO)

List of authorized Self-regulatory organisations (SROs) by FINMA (link to FINMA page)

ExpertSuisse - Audit prudentiel Rec 70 (FR only)

List of Swiss Ombudsman (link to FINMA page)

Books & Articles

Valuable insights 

AMC Advisory article: Time to align expectations on Outsourced Compliance! (in English)

ACFE: Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud (2022, English)

AMC Advisory article: Leveraging compliance monitoring programs for successful ISO audits (in English)

"The Laundry Man" (Kenneth Rijock): Discover the lawyer-turned-money-launderer larger-than-life story

The Riggs bank downfall (David Caruso)

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